Testimonials from Your Heart Song's clients:

After listening to Denise's interview on WXPN, I decided to ask her to write a song for my Dad. He has been having some health problems and I thought a song would be a beautiful thing for him and also for me and my sisters. We had a chance to sit down at my kitchen table with Denise. This, in itself, was a very special experience. She facilitated our brainstorming about Dad's life, his quirkiness and the things that are so important and endearing about him. We loved how she seemed to grasp exactly who he is before even meeting him. Then the songwriting began, she called to clarify a few items and I think even put a rush on it, as I told her he wasn't doing well. She sent a a first draft, and I knew immediately that she had created something very very special for us. The thing is, the song is a beautiful sweet song, even just as a song to play anywhere. For us, it's a lifetime of love and fun and joy put to music. We cry every time we listen to it, not because it's sad, but because it is SO right and So beautiful. Denise is an amazing singer, songwriter, poet and she knows how to use words that capture and touch your heart. - Susan

What a spectacular gift! We commissioned a song for our son’s wedding. Denise listened thoughtfully, checked in often and created a beautiful, personal, musical representation of our feelings. Our son and our new daughter in-law cried when they first heard it, and cried again at their wedding when it was played. Denise is a uniquely talented, insightful artist, with a vocal tone that is reminiscent of Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell. This Heart Song is an heirloom for our family. Thank you Denise.  - Lois

I just wanted to let you know that Pat and I and my brother and sister have all listened to the song and we think that it is fantastic!  And I know my mother (and the rest of the family) will love it too!  We couldn’t have asked for a better gift for her. Thank you so much! - Rick and Pat

Alisa's Song captures the feeling of a certain time in my life with such honest sensitivity, it truly brings tears to my eyes every single time I listen to it. Not only is it extremely moving to me on a personal level, but it is also simply a very beautiful song-- poetically heartfelt and resonant lyrics, set to a shimmering gorgeous tune. Denise magically tapped into the well of my spirit and built this song in the shape of my emotions. I love everything about it, I never get tired of hearing it, and I feel forever honored that it bears my name. Thank you, Denise! - Alisa

Denise is a special person, a songstress, poet, writer and performer.  She created a song for my granddaughter's first birthday that was exactly what I wished for.  She was also able to write a song in honor of my niece that is wonderful. She has a true gift of finding the words and music that tug at one's heartstrings!  - Meryl
Denise was able to articulate our story, with a comedic twist, as requested, and delivered above and beyond our expectations.  We can't stop listening to our special husband-wife song!  - Jamie and Josh

Denise is one of my oldest dearest friends.  I knew she created custom songs for others, and I decided to ask her to create one for my son Matthew who has a rare genetic disorder and is severely autistic.  He is not easy to get to know, and I was curious to see how she would capture him.  We’ve had many conversations about him over the years, and I’ve shown her some of my writing about him so that she could understand what it is to be his mother.  Then she wrote the song “Matthew” that made me cry after I heard her sing the first line.  The song is an expression of her love for Matthew and me, and it comes through very deeply.  It warms my heart that such a song exists. - Debbie 
Denise is an incredible musician - writing and performing. With just a few brief telephone conversations, and some basic information, she managed to sum up our entire relationship perfectly.  The song was so perfect our guests couldn't stop raving about it - still today.  Our special day was made that much more special through Denise's words and music. - Bobby and Lisa

Denise is a very good observer and listener, an open-minded person with a deep heart, able to read souls, and to tell about feelings. It’s amazing how she can translate life into beautiful songs. Her sweet melodious voice does the rest, touching and thrilling those who are listening.  
- Alessandro