Show me your heart, and I'll write you a song...

I am thrilled to welcome you to Your Heart Songs! 

I have the profound honor of writing songs that express the feelings and experiences of other people's hearts. Many have been for lifecycle events - weddings, retirements, a new home, a life-changing move, a synagogue's ground-breaking ceremony, and a granddaughter's birthday.

I wrote one for a mother about life with her autistic son, and one for adult sisters whose dad was terminally ill. I even wrote one to soothe a loved one's broken heart. It has been my privilege to write these songs, and a thrill to witness the impact they have had on the people I have written them for. 

I hope you enjoy the sampling of Heart Songs here, and the beautiful testimonials that have been submitted by my clients. 

I would be honored to write a song from your heart...

(I invite you to also visit denisemosermusic.com where you can hear songs from my heart)

Thanks for stopping by!


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